Making Music at Home – Terms and Conditions

You have the voice. You have the ideas. You’ve heard that everything that used to be done in a recording studio can now be done at home. But where to start?! Well, in this effective seminar and workshop day we de-clutter and de-jargon everything. We give you all of the essential knowledge and the skills you need to be able to make music at home.


  • You should be computer-literate to attend this course but you do not have to be an advanced computer user.
  • Since this is an introductory course, no special experience with audio software or hardware is required.
  • We discuss suitability fully before booking you onto the course but reserve the right to exclude you from the course and refund your payment in full if we later judge that the course is unsuitable for you.

Our liability

  • While Orland Media endeavours to provide a safe and comfortable environment, you are ultimately responsible for your own health and safety while on premises owned by or used by Orland Media during training and the company may not be held liable for any injury or loss or theft of possessions.
  • All topics on the course contents list will be covered to a reasonable depth considering the time constraints.
  • No guarantees of future commercial success as a result of completing this course are made by Orland Media.
  • We try hard to ensure that the information and advice we provide is accurate and up-to-date but course fees may not be refunded, nor may Orland Media be held liable in any other way, should mistakes have been made.
  • Product recommendations are made honestly and impartially, but Orland Media may not be held responsible for any consequences of using those products, nor does a recommendation of a particular product necessarily mean that there is no other product which would be as good.


  • The course slideshow and precise form is copyright Orland Media Ltd (except where third party images are used for purposes of illustration only) and may not be duplicated without the prior written authority of Orland Media Ltd.
  • The making of either audio or video recordings of the training course is not allowed.
  • Copyright of the music made during the course remains with Orland Media and neither this music nor amended versions of it may be commercially released by trainees or by other parties.
  • Where software is provided, this is done in accordance with the terms of the licenses of that software.


  • When you accept in writing a place on the course, that place is reserved for you and you become liable to make full payment within one week of this confirmation, or immediately if the course is due to commence in less than two weeks’ time.
  • Payment may be made by online bank transfer using your bank’s website, by PayPal® or by cheque. We provide our account details by e-mail when you book. Cheques must clear before the course commences.
  • Orland Media reserves the right to ask you to leave a course prematurely in the unlikely event that you exhibit what we deem to be anti-social behaviour or an obvious unwillingness to listen or learn. In such cases no refund will be given.


  • If you cancel your place on the course prior to two weeks before the course’s commencement, no fee will be charged and your money will be refunded in full.
  • If you cancel your place on the course within two weeks of the course’s commencement and we cannot find a replacement, you will be liable to pay half of the course fee (i.e. half of your money will be refunded).
  • If you fail to attend the first, and/or any subsequent day of the course, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the training room and cancel your place on your behalf. In such a case you will still be liable to pay the entire course fee.
  • If we cancel a course we will endeavour to provide one week’s notice and will refund your fees in full or re-schedule a mutually convenient time. In any eventuality, our liability will be limited only to the course fee.

Provision of computer hardware and software

  • You are asked to bring a pair of headphones or earphones along to the course for your own use.
  • During the course, the DAW GarageBand™ is selected, which runs only on Apple computers. GarageBand forms part of Apple’s iLife suite and its minimum system requirements may be viewed here. iLife is preinstalled on all new Apple Macintosh computers. GarageBand may be downloaded from Apple for £14.99 if it is not already installed.
  • You are invited to bring and use your own MacBook computer, pre-equipped with GarageBand as above, if you have one. If you don’t, then a MacBook will be provided for the duration of the course. This is discussed at the time of booking.
  • If using a computer provided by Orland Media, you may be held liable in the unlikely event that you should damage the computer beyond reasonable wear and tear while using it.


  • Orland Media is not liable for your travel fees.
  • You will be provided with a sandwich lunch free of charge during the course.
  • You will be provided with a new book relevant to the subject matter, upon completing the course. This book typically retails at approximately £15 and is yours to keep.

Course hours

  • Course hours are 9am – 6pm for a single day. There is a one hour lunch break at approximately 1pm and there are morning and afternoon breaks of approximately 30 minutes each.
  • The training day may begin on time even if not all delegates have arrived.

Post-training support

  • Post-training support is provided for a period of one month. Questions relating to any topic covered during the course will be answered to the best of our ability by e-mail, phone or Skype. We endeavour to respond to questions within one working day.

These terms and conditions apply to the course Making Music at Home, are governed under UK law, may be amended by Orland Media without notice and may be viewed at any time at