First Class Service

At Orland Media, we have a code of conduct we call First Class Service.

This is the only kind of service we offer. It informs all of our activities, from our Development Services to our Consulting to our exemplary Hosting Services.

Upgrade to us and experience being treated the
way you should be treated.

Who we are


Orland Media is a full service multimedia consultancy and web hosting provider headquartered in London, United Kingdom and operating across the world.

We create effective online campaigns and offer exemplary hosting and training services. If you are being let down by your current provider, upgrade to us and experience VIP treatment. Orland Media was incorporated as a UK Limited… [Read on]

What we can do for you

Pen and profits chart

We are in the business of increasing our customers' profits. Particularly, we aim to increase the effectiveness of their online communication and their ROI (Return on Investment) with online ventures.

We do this by first analysing their current approach to online marketing. We deconstruct it, identify its weak points, and then carry out the necessary work to eliminate them. We then utilise… [Read on]

Development services

Development services

We offer a wide range of development services, creating mobile applications, immersive rich media websites, content managed HTML based sites, games and micro-sites for our clients. If you have an online project in mind and you need it completing reliably, you might like to consider us.

We started developing for the World Wide Web in 1994, before Microsoft Internet… [Read on]

Hosting services

Server room

Alongside our development and training services, we offer comprehensive web hosting packages of a different order to what you are likely to find elsewhere. You don't need to be a client of ours in any other capacity to be able to take advantage of them.

We host our own site and our clients’ sites on our state of the art web hosting platform… [Read on]

Consultancy services

Consultancy meeting

We offer a number of Internet consultancy services which hone our clients’ online performance. These include brand development, search engine optimisation, social media utilisation and online marketing advice.

With our guidance, you’ll be making the most of what the Internet can offer. The brand is the identity of your organisation, representing what you… [Read on]

Training services

Training room

We have been providing IT training courses since 2002. We pride ourselves on our concise, clear communication and on the quality of our courses, which are all authored in-house. The feedback we have received attests to their effectiveness.

We offer two types of training: classroom and bespoke. With our classroom training courses trainees are invited to attend our… [Read on]