Content Management Systems

Content managed websites are sites which are designed to be very easy for non-technical administrators to edit, update and manage. They range from blogs to more sophisticated systems including full e-commerce sites. We’ll help you identify, and provide you with, the ideal solution for your organisation.


NewspapersBlogs have taken the Web by storm. Most high traffic sites have a blog as a constiuent part and many sites consist of nothing but a blog. Blogs are online news or announcement systems which can be handle not only text but also multimedia. They also support comments from other users and in this manner they greatly increase the interactivity of your site.

Many individuals and companies maintain blogs as a highly effective means of comminicating with their audiences. Since users can subscribe to your blog via RSS, the flow of data can be “push” rather than “pull”, with users being informed when your site changes. This attracts them to your site.

When you establish a blog it can installed either on a server belonging to the blog provider itself, or on your own private hosted server. The latter option allows far more control over customisation and management of the blog.

We can select, theme and configure the appropriate blogging system for your organisation, taking all of the hard work out of managing your site. All that’s left for you to do is write the articles. We can also integrate a blog seamlessly with your website so that it appears to be part of the site.

Bespoke systems

LibraryA blog is a content management system, and some can be very powerful and adequate to your needs. However sometimes the right solution is something more sophisticated: a bespoke content management system which enables you to manage not only news posts but also any other type of data particular to your business. This might be an vehicle registry, video collection or anything else.

We can develop database-driven systems for you which exactly meet you needs. A bespoke CMS solution is a blog and much more. You can specify exactly which users should have which privileges and who should see what. Millions of records can be stored, with fast retrieval, and the system can be themed to your precise requirements. If you need maximum control over your website, we’ll make you a bespoke CMS.

E-commerce sites

MagentoThe next step up from a bespoke CMS is an e-commerce site. This is still a content management system, but it is tailored speficially with holding – and selling – stock in mind.

We can build you a fully featured and powerful e-commerce site. We attend to every detail, from designing the site with you, to implementing the “look and feel”, to arranging for the merchant ID and security certificates. We can also host your e-commerce site for you and take care of its administration to the extent that you wish. These days, being online is not an option but rather a necessity. We’ll make sure you have a strong start in the competitive arena of online retailing.