About Us


Our aim is to maximise your profile and your profits through effective use of the Internet
Orland Media is a full service digital consultancy and web hosting provider headquartered in London, United Kingdom and operating across the world. We create effective online campaigns and offer exemplary hosting and training services. If you are being let down by your current provider, upgrade to us and experience VIP treatment.

About us

Orland Media was incorporated as a UK limited company 2001. We currently have four specialist divisions to our business:

We are commissioned both by other design agencies and directly by businesses who wish to improve their communication via the Internet and World Wide Web. We have so far had the pleasure of serving clients including:

Hewlett Packard20th Century FoxOrangeBBCDisneyBlinder

Our web hosting services are utilised by both organisations and individuals who seek great value hosting with reliable customer service.

Our mission

Pen and chartWe are in the business of increasing our customers’ profits. Particularly, we aim to increase the effectiveness of their online communication and their ROI (Return on Investment) with online ventures.

We do this by first analysing their current approach to online marketing. We deconstruct it, identify its weak points, and then carry out the necessary work to eliminate them. We then utilise whatever technologies are appropriate in order to improve our clients’ online communication, from implementing content management systems to developing online games and viral campaigns.

Our principles

ColumnsOur two core principles are simple: propriety and service. This means we ensure that we choose technologies and solutions which will best serve our clients, and we treat our clients with respect.

For example, when you work with us you’ll be allocated a single point of contact who will always return your calls and keep you fully informed. This seems a natural first step, but in our experience it is one all too often neglected.

We admit to being perfectionists. We like to dot every “i” and cross every “t”. We know that our reputation is only as good as our last job. We are an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on grounds of race or gender.

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