Training Services

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We pride ourselves on the excellence of our training courses
We have been providing multimedia training since 2002. We pride ourselves on our concise, clear communication and on the quality of our courses, which are all authored in-house. The feedback we have received attests to their effectiveness.

Scheduled training

Training roomIn our scheduled training we deliver courses that we have authored to small classes of usually no more than 10 trainees so that we can give personal attention to each delegate. For these classes delegates are invited to use their own computers, but if they don’t have one, we provide one.

If you find a scheduled course that looks like it covers what you need to know, this is likely to be the cheapest and most effective option for you. You can also ask as many questions as you like, and benefit from others’ questions. Since you are not in your usual environment there are fewer distractions – you’ll find you can concentrate and really learn. You get to meet new contacts and you also get to take away a manual or book.

Bespoke training

Tape measureThe other kind of training we offer is “bespoke”, which is close to our consultancy offering. As the name suggests, this is training tailored to your exact needs. Briefed by you as to your requirements, we will spend a few days preparing a custom-built training course for you which we deliver either at our premises or on-site at yours.

Bespoke training can take as little as one day to deliver, or it can take up to three days. If the requirement is longer than this it tends to fall more into our consultancy or development brackets.

With bespoke training you can be sure that exactly the subjects you need to know about will be covered. You don’t even need to leave your home or office either: we come to you. You might be interested in our bespoke training services if you have hit an impass in a project and need some help moving forward, if you have inherited a project and need some help understanding it, or if you’re just about to begin a project and need to plug some knowledge gaps before commencing.

In any of these cases feel free to contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Our current courses

We are currently writing a number of new training courses focusing around responsive web development. But that isn’t our only area of expertise:

Making Music at HomeOur training course Making Music at Home is now available and serves as a great introduction for beginners. Soon we will be launching another practical course detailing how to use Apple’s flagship Digital Audio Workstation, Logic Pro™.

Trainee feedback

The following is genuine feedback received from our past trainees:

  • “The best training course I’ve done – excellent!”
  • “The trainer provided absolutely first class training, with exceptional commitment to my individual needs.”
  • “The trainer was very good at explaining info in detail and helping with debugging etc.”
  • “Really enjoyed instructor. Good pace and content.”
  • “The trainer was very clear and concise and made us all comfortable to ask questions and discuss things further.”
  • “Great course! Simple enlightenment!”
  • “The trainer was very good at making the work and environment a pleasure to work in.”
  • “The training was excellent.”
  • “Trainer excellent.”
  • “The trainer was extremely flexible.”
  • “A really helpful informative course. The trainer was really helpful and explained everything clearly.”
  • “Such a relaxed, comfortable environment to learn in.”
  • “Excellent trainer with lots of knowledge.”
  • “The customised course was great and the tutor very flexible in answering new requests and covering all requested topics.”
  • “The trainer was knowledgeable in his area and accommodating of our needs.”
  • “Trainer extremely flexible and knowledgeable.”
  • “Good tuition.”
  • “Have really learned a lot over the space of two days.”
  • “Entertaining and knowledgeable trainer.”
  • “Excellent communication and tutorials.”
  • “I learned so much more than I expected. Thanks!”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “Loving the 80’s pick and mix during sessions!!! Keep up the good work!!!”
  • “Everything was great.”
  • “Trainer’s experience and knowledge is excellent.
  • “Very enjoyable relaxed learning experience which was excellently paced. I learned a lot!”
  • “Excellent trainer.”
  • “Trainer had excellent ability in communicating with us – not just not knowledge and theory, but encouraging us.”