Making Music at Home


You have the voice. You have the ideas. You’ve heard that everything that used to be done in a recording studio can now be done at home. But where to start?! Well, in this effective seminar and workshop day we de-clutter and de-jargon everything. We give you all of the essential knowledge and the skills you need to be able to make music at home.

About the course

Mac Running GaragebandIn 2012 we looked at the marketplace and concluded that although times have changed dramatically in terms of music technology and the sheer amount that can be achieved at home with a computer, there didn’t seem to be a course that taught the essentials of both theory and practice in a clear, organised manner.

We have created this course in order to set that straight. Our ambitious aim is to convey the vital points in a single day. We imagined what a beginner would need to know in order to get up and running with making music on a computer today, and we’ve made it our mission to provide that.

To the best of our knowledge this training course is unique in the sheer amount of information imparted in just one day and in the value for money. Join us – we’re sure that you’ll not only learn a lot, but enjoy it too!

What you will gain

Girl singingFrom this single day condensed session you’ll gain a thorough overview of the relevant hardware and software typically used to make music using a personal computer at home. You’ll then use the recommended software to construct a complete track from beginning to end.

You’ll leave with a good understanding of the most important terms in home computer audio and a working knowledge of the software so that you can continue on your own with confidence.

What we cover

A brief history of making music

The day begins gently with an interesting retrospective look at how it came to be that a home computer now has more processing power than a recording studio of the 1980s. Backed by a slideshow, we bring you up to the present day so that you can fully appreciate the context of what is possible with computers now.

The Basics

After this, we detail all of the technology you will typically need in order to make music at home, discussing and explaining items one by one, passing some around the class and recommending products which would be good options. The objective of this part of the course is to help you understand how everything plugs together and what is essential and what isn’t.

Making a track

With all of the theory under your belt and with a good understanding of what’s available and how it is used, we get down to business and make a song. During the third part of the day we walk you through this whole process using the Digital Audio Workstation GarageBand™. It’s hands-on and you will make the song (but no singing required!) – this isn’t just theory.

What you receive

SandwichesOn this course you receive eight hours’ training in making music at home. You also receive coffee, tea and biscuits during the two breaks and a full buffet lunch!

In addition, you receive a Certificate of Completion and you walk away with all of your course files, plus your completed track and a new book worth £14.99.

It doesn’t even end there. You also receive after course support for one month via e-mail. If you run into any trouble with files or have any questions about any of the topics covered, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you promptly, happy to help, free of charge.

Why bother with training?

There are a lot of ways of learning today. There’s the Wikipedia and there’s YouTube, for example. Well, we only created this course after carefully reviewing those. There are a lot of reasons why people still choose to come on a training course like this, and they’re good ones:

1. It’s fun!

With us you’re going to have a day out, you’ll hopefully enjoy it, and you’ll go home having met new people and knowing a lot more than you did when you arrived.

2. We’re professionals

Having a decade’s experience in training, we know how to we get to the heart of the matter fast. Unlike many a YouTube video, our training sessions are 100% waffle-free! No prevarication, no waiting 10 minutes until we get to the point. Just the facts, delivered clearly. Delivered in good English also, with clear audio and slides. This isn’t always (or even often) what you get with YouTube videos.

3. We’re human!

If you ask a video (or a book) a question, you’ll be lucky if you get a reply. You’ll get a reply from us there and then. Not only this but we’ll come over to your computer and make sure you’re following along correctly. The online world is great in many ways, but real life interaction has significant advantages.

4. You don’t need to do any research

We’ve done it all for you. Months of it, and years of learning! That’s the idea: everything you really need to know – the essentials – are condensed and packaged for your benefit on this course. In just one day you’ll gain the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to get up and running.

5. Our course is continually updated

Given the pace of technical change, videos and recorded courses can become outdated quite quickly. In contrast, our live courses are continually updated so that they always reflect the current state of play. We also take feedback into account and hone and develop our courses all the time, so you can be sure you’re getting the latest information.

In conclusion

Maybe you have watched The X Factor and decided you could do that, but are not sure how to record yourself and add music. Maybe you’re a school-leaver and you want a crash course on this subject without making a 12 month commitment and taking out a bank loan! Perhaps you’re a little older, have a reasonable knowledge of computers but don’t know where to start when it comes to recording your band.

In any of these situations, or similar ones, you’ll benefit from this training day.