Consultancy Services


As experts in our field, we help our clients hone their online strategy for optimal results
We offer a number of Internet consultancy services which hone our clients’ online performance. These include brand development, search engine optimisation, social media utilisation and online marketing advice. With our guidance, you’ll be making the most of what the Internet can offer.


BrandingThe brand is the identity of your organisation, representing what you have to offer. Brands – even, and especially, typefaces – communicate to customers on an emotional level.

Our experienced strategists can assess your current branding and in most cases improve upon it. We can recommend an entirely new brand identity for you which conveys a suitable message. Before doing this we analyse your aims and your customer base and establish what is most likely to appeal to them. A new — or even adusted — brand can reinvent your company, greatly improve your image, make customers remember you, trust you and be confident in conducting business with you.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisationCompanies that top the Google search results are not there by chance.

You probably receive many unsolicited e-mails from scamsters offering to improve your search engine placement. You can take your chances with them, or you can come to us.

We have invested significant time and effort in researching exactly what causes a page’s “rank” to increase. Our own ranking is high for search terms of importance to us, serving as proof of our efficiency. With every online development job we carry out, we routinely maximise search engine placement. But we can also take your current site, analyse what is preventing it from gaining high ranking and offer solutions. This is perhaps the most important step you can take in order to improve your click-through rate and the number of new customer enquiries you experience.

Online marketing

Social networkingThe website is of course not the only way you can promote your business online. There are a myriad of other opportunities which we will help you navigate.

These include e-mail (opted in, not junk mail), page adverts (we work in conjunction with companies such as MediaMind), Facebook applications, mailing lists, viral games, YouTube videos (including interactive videos), Twitter communication and reciprocal linking. We can analyse your current approach to online marketing and advise on whether or not you are taking full advantage of the media available to you, and if not, how you can do so. What you sow in terms of marketing, you reap in terms of traffic and profile.