Making Music at Home – Booking Details

You have the voice. You have the ideas. You’ve heard that everything that used to be done in a recording studio can now be done at home. But where to start?! Well, in this effective seminar and workshop day we de-clutter and de-jargon everything. We give you all of the essential knowledge and the skills you need to be able to make music at home.

Who would this course suit?

This is a beginner’s course. It’s designed for the person who has heard that it’s possible to make music on a home computer but isn’t entirely sure how to go about it.

What are the basic requirements?

Not many. You need to be computer literate (reasonably comfortable with a few other applications) and able to see and hear! You don’t need to be able to read music (not even to make music, now) and you’re not required to sing! We show you the main considerations for recording and using vocal audio and we use demonstrations.

I want to make [x] style of music. Will this course suit me?

This course will really be a good introduction whatever style of music you want to make. The basic principles are essentially the same, whatever external instrument you are wishing to connect or record and whether you want to make rock, classical or electronic music, and we incorporate an element of each into the track that we make. If you’d like more information then please check through the course contents – or feel free to ask us.

Where is the course held?

Map of UKWe have run training courses during the last ten years and each time we ran them it would be in London, so delegates would need to travel from wherever they were in the country (sometimes from other countries) in order to attend the course.

With this course we’re doing things differently. This course runs periodically in multiple locations across the UK. We hire a hotel conference room, connect all of our equipment – a projector, high quality speakers, computers, and we’re “good to go”!

It’s good news for you

The great news is then, that effectively this course “comes to you”, saving you both time and money on petrol, train and hotel bills. Simply get in touch with us, register your interest and we’ll let you know the next time the course is running in your region of the UK.

When is the course held?

The training day is held in these different locations upon demand but always on a Saturday. This is so that nobody has to take time off work – and so that you can all have Sunday to recover!

How much does the course cost?

The Making Music at Home training day is, we think, incredible value at only £175 per person. This includes tea, coffee, buffet lunch, notepad and pen, USB key, Certificate of Completion and even a free book worth £15!

We have deliberately made this the best value course of its type that we could find anywhere on the Internet.

You need to be quick though. We limit classes to a small size of only ten people so that we can give each delegate individual attention. This becomes important during the “workshop” part of the course when you’re constructing your song!

How and when do I pay?

After your initial enquiry, we log your interest and we get back to you with information about exactly when and where the course will be running in your region (this depends on how many requests we’re currently receiving from that area). Eventually we ask you to officially commit by e-mail and at this point we also ask you to pay the course fee either by cheque, PayPal® or online bank transfer.

What do I need to bring with me?

We ask that you bring a pair of earphones or headphones with you to use during the course. You will work with a computer during the course too. If you happen to have your own Apple MacBook, we ask that you bring that along. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one for your use. (Many of the principles we teach apply to PC hardware and software too, but we work on Macs.)

You don’t need to provide a lot else, except your attention! Everything else will be provided for you – just enjoy the day.

I’m sold. How do I book?

Great! The thing to do first is to simply e-mail us using our contact form. Please tell us where you are located – this is the key information – and we’ll get back to you and take things from there.