Applied ActionScript 3.0

Applied ActionScript 3.0 is our flagship course teaching ActionScript. We took care writing it, imagining at every stage what we, as trainees, would like to gain from such a course. The result is, as far as we know, the most comprehensive anywhere in the world teaching ActionScript 3.0.

Terms & Conditions


  • Delegates applying for the course should satisfy the pre-requisites as outlined for the course. Namely, they should be familiar with the Adobe Flash integrated development environment and have some experience of programming ActionScript.
  • The course is of an intermediate to upper-intermediate level, so trainees are also required to be computer-literate and it is strongly recommended they have some aptitude for working with code.
  • We discuss suitability fully before booking delegates onto the course but nonetheless reserve the right to exclude a delegate from a course and return payment in full if we deem the course is unsuitable for that delegate.

Our liability

  • While Orland Media will endeavour to provide a safe and comfortable environment, delegates are ultimately responsible for their own health and safety while on premises owned by or used by Orland Media during the training of the course and the company may not be held liable for any injury or loss or theft of possessions.
  • All topics on the course contents list will be covered and we will make every reasonable effort to explain all concepts to trainees. However, progress does depend to some degree on a trainee’s aptitude and experience, and we cannot be held accountable for any remaining lack of comprehension.
  • All software, advice and training are provided by Orland Media Ltd ‘as is’; any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event may Orland Media Ltd be held liable for any damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) arising from the application or misapplication of software, advice or training provided.


  • The course manual is copyright Orland Media Ltd and may not be copied, distributed or sold in part or whole, either digitally or in hardcopy or by any other means, without the prior written authority of Orland Media Ltd.
  • Course files are copyright Orland Media Ltd and may not be distributed, used or sold “as is” without the prior written authority of Orland Media Ltd.
  • Techniques and subroutines in the course files may be used freely by delegates in their own projects.
  • Neither the course manual nor files may be re-used in part or whole for any commercial training purposes without the prior written authority of Orland Media Ltd.
  • Where third party software is provided, this is done in accordance with the terms of the licenses of that software. The software is provided for convenience as a non-essential, free-of-charge “extra” to the course, not sold by us, and it may easily be downloaded free of charge by students separately instead.


  • When you accept in writing a place on the course, that place is reserved for you and you become liable to make full payment prior to the course’s commencement.
  • Payment may be made by online bank transfer using your bank’s website, by PayPal® or by cheque. We provide our account details by e-mail when you book. Cheques must clear before the course commences.
  • Orland Media reserves the right to ask delegates to leave a course prematurely in the unlikely event that they exhibit what we deem to be anti-social behaviour or an obvious unwillingness to listen or learn. In such a case no refund will be given.


  • If you cancel your place on the course prior to two weeks before the course’s commencement, no fee will be charged and your money will be refunded in full.
  • If you cancel your place on the course within one week of the course’s commencement and we cannot find a replacement, you will be liable to pay half of the course fee (i.e. half of your money will be refunded).
  • If you fail to attend the first, and/or any subsequent day of the course, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the classroom and cancel your place on your behalf. In such a case you will still be liable to pay the entire course fee.
  • If we cancel a course we will endeavour to provide one week’s notice and will refund your fees in total or re-schedule a mutually convenient time. Our liability will be limited to the course fee.

Provision of computer hardware

  • Delegates are welcome to bring their own laptop computers along to the course. On these must be installed a working version of Adobe Flash Professional (at least version CS3 – we will be using version CS5.5).
  • A Mac or a Windows computer may be used, but the course will be easier to follow using the Windows platform due to our use of the FlashDevelop IDE, which requires Microsoft Windows, the Java Runtime and the .NET 2.0 framework. If you wish to use a Mac, we recommend you look into running Parallels Desktop. Alternatively you might use TextMate as your editor.
  • If you don’t have access to a laptop computer, this is not a problem. We will enquire as to your requirements and will be happy to provide one for your use.


  • Orland Media is not liable for delegates’ travel fees.
  • If it is agreed that we will travel to you to deliver the course, we will charge for travel fees and amount payable will be calculated and added onto your invoice prior to the commencement of the training.
  • When the course is delivered on premises owned or used by us, we provide each trainee with £5 cash per day to cover lunch expenses.
  • When the course is delivered on a client’s premises we do not pay for delegates’ meals nor charge for our own.

Course hours

  • Course hours are 10am – 4.30pm each day with one hour’s lunch and a morning and afternoon break of approx. 15 minutes.
  • A day’s training may begin on time even if not all delegates have arrived.

Post-training support

  • Post-training support is provided for a period of one month. Questions relating to any topic covered during the course will be answered to the best of our ability by e-mail, phone or Skype. We endeavour to respond to questions within one working day.

These terms and conditions apply to the course Applied ActionScript 3.0, are governed under UK law, may be amended by Orland Media without notice and may be viewed at any time at