Applied ActionScript 3.0

Applied ActionScript 3.0 is our flagship course teaching ActionScript. We took care writing it, imagining at every stage what we, as trainees, would like to gain from such a course. The result is, as far as we know, the most comprehensive anywhere in the world teaching ActionScript 3.0.

About the course

Applied AS3This course is designed to bring people who have only a limited understanding of ActionScript right up to speed with the latest techniques in Flash programming.

It is unique in that it takes the trainee through all of the theory, planning and hands-on implementation of a realistic project in ActionScript 3.0. With examples firmly anchored in the real world, the aim is for every trainee to walk away with a new-found capability and confidence with this, Flash’s latest programming language.

How it is different

Most purported ActionScript 3.0 courses currently on the market are actually ActionScript 2.0 courses “re-hashed”. This one is the real deal, written from the ground up to deal with this language specifically.

Having taught Flash commercially at other training companies for six years, we were acutely aware of deficiencies in other courses and keen to eliminate all of them in the writing of “Applied ActionScript 3.0”. We wanted to create the course we had always wanted to teach.

Accordingly, this course is:

  • Concise and waffle-free
  • Practical, not theoretical
  • Written in plain English
  • Written by a developer, for developers
  • Comprehensive
  • Focused (we don’t spend long discussing the wrong way to do things)
  • Constantly revised to reflect current best practice

Intended audience

Applied ActionScript 3.0 is intended for developer who already has a working knowledge of Flash and knows some elementary ActionScript, but is yet to get to grips with how things are done in ActionScript 3.0. It is an intermediate to upper-intermediate course.

Delegates, then, should be at a level where they are familiar with methods such as gotoAndPlay() and startDrag() and have assembled Flash movies with some basic interactivity, but need to get up to speed with preferred open source technologies and best practices – and especially with a class-based approach to development using ActionScript 3.0.

No code is written in frames during the course, everything is external – indeed none is even written using Flash. But don’t be daunted by this: the course will put you where you need to be.