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Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 is the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive experiences that present consistently across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution. We’ve been training people in Flash since 2002.

About Adobe Flash

Flash CS5 Professional

Adobe Flash began as “FutureSplash Animator” in 1996. We began using it in 1998, by which time it had been bought by Macromedia and had reached version 3.

Flash has proven to be an incredibly adaptive and enduring Internet technology. In many respects it has been pioneering. Flash has now been through 12 versions and has metamorphosized from its beginnings into Flash Professional CS5.

This version of Flash supports shape animation, embedded and dynamic video, audio streaming, microphone and webcam control, live data handling and more. With Flash the developer can make anything from a cartoon to an online multi-player game.

Flash is an extremely satisfying program to use because it encourages the exercise of both logic (in programming) and creativity (in design). For the audience, intelligently applied Flash technology results in a deeply engaging and novel experience, rich in both aesthetics and data. Such a depth of experience is not currently possible on the Web with any other technology (including HTML 5).

These are great reasons to get to grips with Flash.

About ActionScript

AS3ActionScript is the programming language of the Adobe Flash.

It was first introduced with with version 2 of the program in 1997. Now it is in incarnation 3 and is a very powerful, multi-thousand word language with a syntax and structure not dissimilar to that of Java.

The language was first used merely to direct the playhead in Flash animations, but a knowledge of ActionScript is now essential for a developer to be able to take full advantage of the power Flash offers, create novel, original visual effects and manipulate data with confidence.

ActionScript 3 has been available since 2006 and is in some cases 10 times faster than its predecessor. It is also more clearly organised and easier to use.

About our Flash training

Applied AS3Our staff have been training Flash to people from all over the world since 2002.

We began by teaching Macromedia’s authorised courses then, following the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe in 2005, we wrote our own 22,000 word course, Applied ActionScript 3.0.

This course was welcomed by trainees as there is no more “real world” alternative currently available in the marketplace. It is continually updated and shows developers how to create a real-world data-driven application using ActionScript.

We have experienced considerable demand for the course and have trained it many times at our facility in central London.

Find out more about our unique course, Applied ActionScript 3.0