Audio Technology

At Orland Media we have been using numerous audio applications as part of our work for more than a decade. We have a love of wave editors, synthesizers and sequencers. If that doesn’t mean a lot to you, why not come on one of our courses?

Making Music at Home

Making Music at HomeHave you been interested in making music, at home, with your computer, but haven’t been sure where to start? Having studied the market carefully, we’ve been working for several months on a comprehensive course to show you how to do this.

We remove all the jargon, help you understand what is available and just show you what you need to know – fast. Gone are the days when a recording studio was required to make a hit album. All you need is a small amount of the right equipment, knowledge and perhaps a little luck. We give you at least two out of three of those. Find out all about the course. You may like to reserve a place – it’s great value for money.

Logic Pro Masterclass

Logic Pro MasterclassLogic Pro is a leading professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) from Apple. Its price was recently halved. Sadly this didn’t make it half as easy to learn! In this course, which is in development right now, our mission is to get users comfortable working with Logic Pro to a quite an advanced level.

We looked at other courses available on the market and decided that we could cover a larger amount of valuable information in less time. In this course we’ll be looking at everything from using Apple Loops to creating your own synthesizer sounds. Stay tuned!

Other courses

Native Instruments LogoWe’ll be providing other courses specialising in audio production soon. These aren’t going to be videos, they’ll be classroom-based crash courses and you’ll leave feeling filled with knowledge and equipped to do the things you couldn’t do before.

Some of the first courses will be specialist workshops on how to use Native Instruments applications to an advanced level. If you like the sound of this (or if there are other subjects you’d like covering) please do let us know.