Drupal Training

Drupal is content management system software currently being used to power more than seven million websites across the world, including those of the White House and the Greater London Authority. It can form the engine of a complex website including a blog, forum and much, much more.

About Drupal

DrupalCreated by Dries Buytaert in 2001, Drupal is open source CMS software to which more than 2000 developers now contribute.

Like WordPress, Drupal is essentially a collection of PHP files and a MySQL database installation, however it is even more powerful than WordPress in that many custom data types can be handled and the entire system is extremely configuable. Sites may be themed and the Drupal “core” may be extended via any of several thousand “modules”.

A Drupal site can contain a blog, forums, and virtually any kind of content. For larger organisations which require custom data management and all of these features, Drupal offers an the ideal solution.

About our Drupal training

Drupal is sometimes criticised for having a steep learning curve. Using our bespoke training you can remove the pain from getting to grips with this CMS.

We can guide you through everything you need to know, from downloading and installing the system to theming it, extending it, inputing data and attracting and monitoring traffic. For further information about our Drupal training, just get in touch.