Even more premium mailbox capacity now available

EnvelopeThese days an increasing number of people are accessing their e-mail via IMAP rather than POP3. The advantage is that the mail stays on the server, so you can access it via any device. Of course, this means you need more capacity on the server. Our mailboxes come by default with a capacity of 400Mb, but you can choose an add-on to give you a Premium Mailbox of 2Gb at an…[Read on]

Speeding up search with Google Chrome

Google ChromeThere are lots of reasons why you might like to use Google Chrome as your primary web browser. One very good feature of Chrome is that you can search fast by simply typing your search terms into the URL bar at the top of the browser. However, it isn’t always Google that you want to search. You might want to run a search on Wikipedia, Amazon, or another site…[Read on]

Hesketh Press moves to us for web hosting

Hesketh PressWe’re proud to announce that Lancashire printer Hesketh Press has recently smoothly migrated all of its web hosting and e-mail requirements over to us. Based in Fleetwood, Hesketh Press is a highly professional company offering comprehensive printing services…[Read on]

One click installs updated

Breaking newsJust a note to say we have updated the following one click install products for our web hosting customers: WordPress 3.2.1, Joomla 1.7.1, Drupal 7.8, AWStats 7.0, Open Web Analytics V1.4.1, OpenCart, Concrete, Prestashop, phpBB 3.0.9. We hope you enjoy using them!…[Read on]

Universal Name Finder added

Domain searchFor true consistency it’s best if you can choose a domain name that is also available across social media sites. Ideally you want consistency – the same memorable name used in each case. But do you really want to be running multiple searches? Probably not. That’s why we have just introduced the Universal Name Finder to our hosting site. Simply enter the name you’d like to use…[Read on]

New 2.93GHz dedicated server added

ServersWhen you have a dedicated server it means you have your own entire computer with a 10Mb connection connection to the Internet, which no-one else uses. We offer three different speeds and disk sizes for dedicated servers. The latest addition is a super-fast Quad Core Xeon 2.93GHz machine boasting a massive 1Tb hard disk. On a server this size you could potentially host…[Read on]

First class service

Red carpetAt Orland Media, we promote “first class service” as one of our unique selling points. It might as well be unique, it’s so rarely encountered. In this post we give some examples of what we mean by this. When phoning many companies you find yourself confronted with a computerised menu system: “If you would like option A, press 1. If you would like option B, press 2.” Usually the…[Read on]

Now running PHP 5.35

PHPFor security and stability reasons, we don’t usually run the latest versions of important software releases on our hosting platform. We do however keep a close eye on when releases are made and we have just updated the PHP version on our Linux platform to version 5.35 (this is just one version behind the latest release). In order to use run this version of PHP on your site…[Read on]

Premium mailbox capacity doubled to 2Gb

EnvelopeAt Orland Media the mailboxes we offer may be accessed using either POP3 or IMAP. Using POP3, your program will download all the mail from the Inbox and you can organise it on your computer. Using IMAP, a more modern method, you can store the mail on the folders on the server and access it with any device. Our standard mailboxes have a capacity of 400Mb – sizeable for POP3 and access and acceptable for IMAP. But, if customers wish to either receive…[Read on]