Now running PHP 5.35

For security and stability reasons, we don’t usually run the latest versions of important software releases on our hosting platform. We do however keep a close eye on when releases are made and we have just updated the PHP version on our Linux platform to version 5.35 (this is just one version behind the latest release).

In order to use this version of PHP on your site, simply head for this icon in your Control Panel:

Switch PHP versions

You can use this to toggle between PHP versions 5.35 or 4.4 at any time.

Alternatively, add the following line into an .htaccess file in a directory within your public_html directory, and that’ll turn on PHP 5.3.5 for just that directory (and the directories below it):


If you encounter any problems, just raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.

Premium mailbox capacity doubled to 2Gb

EnvelopeAt Orland Media the mailboxes we offer may be accessed using either POP3 or IMAP. Using POP3, your program will download all the mail from the Inbox and you can organise it on your computer. Using IMAP, a more modern method, you can store the mail on the folders on the server and access it with any device.

Our standard mailboxes have a capacity of 400Mb – sizeable for POP3 and access and acceptable for IMAP. But, if customers wish to either receive large attachments or store a lot of mail on the server, they can upgrade their mailbox to be Premium Mailbox. These hitherto had a 1Gb capacity. They now have a massive 2Gb capacity each. Even better news: the price for the add-on stays the same at only £10 per mailbox per year.

For more information please see our hosting site at – just go to the add-ons page to upgrade a mailbox.


Pop star Taylor Swift plays our game

We were commissioned to create a “Love Calculator” for the BBC some time ago. The algorithm inside the game accurately mimics a children’s playground game by sorting through the letters in names.

The Love Calculator still pulls in traffic to the BBC’s site to this day. Here you can see none other than country/pop star Taylor Swift playing it live on air.