First class service

Red carpetAt Orland Media, we promote “first class service” as one of our unique selling points. It might as well be unique, it’s so rarely encountered. In this post we give some examples of what we mean by this. When phoning many companies you find yourself confronted with a computerised menu system: “If you would like option A, press 1. If you would like option B, press 2.” Usually the…[Read on]

Free preloader

PreloaderIn this post we release a Flash preloader component (an SWC file) which is suitable to be dropped on the first frame of any Flash movie and it’ll preload that timeline with precision. There are a few notable things about this preloader which make it worth using. It waits .2 of a second then checks whether more than 95% of the movie has already loaded. If it has, the loader aborts – you…[Read on]